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{what next} has an inworld group with benefits, where members can earn rewards credits on mainstore purchases (with a few exceptions, please see below), as well as receive occasional exclusive group gifts, as well as receive notices when we release new products or have sales events.

Update Group Info

Q. How much does it cost to join the group?
A. It costs L$250 to join the inworld {what next} update group and takes up a group slot. The subscribomatic group remains free to join. Both groups receive news and notices concerning new releases.

Q. How do I join the group?
Copy and paste this link into local chat and follow the url:

If that doesn’t work, you can find the group info from profile/groups or contact Winter Thorn for a group invite

Q. What are the group benefits?
A. * 5, 10 or 20% of the purchase price is earned in rewards credits on products throughout the main-store, depending on the item price. This quickly adds up for regular customers and then the credits can be redeemed for future purchases. .

* Also, new releases at the main-store will be offered to group members at 50% off for a limited time only (this excludes products created for events such as Fifty Linden Friday and any gacha events).

* We also send out the occasional group gift. The group gifts are usually exclusive or limited edition items, not sold in the store. The latest group gift can be found near the join boards at the main-store. Previous group gifts are available to all members, in the group room near the landing point. Group gifts are not sold separately and always remain exclusive to the group.

SLurl to the VIP Group Room

Q. Where and how can I earn credits?
A. Credits are earnt in the main-store only (this excludes products created for events/non-mainstore locations).

Q. What about subscribomatic group gifts?
A. Inworld group members will be able to receive any gifts given out to the subscribers group too.

Reward Credits Info

Q. How do I redeem store credits?

1. Visit the {what next} mainstore.

2. Touch the vendor(s) of your choice.

3. You’ll see 4 buttons, choose ‘Credit’

4. You’ll then see the following message – “Would you like to buy this item for L$(whatever the price is) in store credit?” and the buttons ‘YES’ and NO”.

5. If you choose “YES”, then your chosen product will be delivered to you in a few moments and the amount deducted from your store credit balance. You’ll be able to pay the vendor any difference in the amount, if your chosen product costs more than you have in your store account.

6. To check how much credit you have saved , visit the Store Credit Terminal (on the Customer Terminal Board) near the landing point.

7. If you don’t have enough credits for your desired purchase, you can top up your credits by buying gift-cards. When you buy a gift-card for yourself, those credits will automatically be applied to your balance. Gift Cards are located near the landing point/new releases at the mainstore – when you purchase a gift card, essentially you are purchasing {what next} credits and they are added to the same account as your store credits earnt on regular purchases.


Purchases from events or sales items (such as Collabor88, The Arcade Gacha, Fifty Linden Friday etc), products from the Marketplace, satellite stores, gachas, gift-cards DO NOT earn credits, only regular purchases on products at the Hodgepodge main store apply.

VIP Vendors: 50% off VIP vendors during the first 48 hours of a new mainstore release, are separate vendors to the regular vendors. They’re always red and you’ll need to have your group tag active to purchase from them. Due to the limitation of the scripting, store credit cannot be used to purchase from these vendors, neither can store credit be earned on these purchases.

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