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{what next} Subscriber’s Group Gift

New group gift for [what next} subscribers only, a limited edition Shopaholic’s chair, but hurry it will only be out for a short time!

*shopping bags on floor not included

To collect the gift, you’ll need to touch the chair poster sign. If you’re not a subscriber already, you’ll need to join first, both signs are by the TP point.

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New at {what next} ‘Shabby Seaside’ Shelf

Brand new ‘Shabby Seaside’ shelf and decor, perfect for cottages and beach houses…and only L$75 this weekend only for the ‘Lazy Sunday’ event!

Shelf & Decor

The shelf is only 2 prims (one if you lose the shadow), all decor is mod/copy, except the lamp which is just copy.

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{what next} Arbre Bedroom

The Arbre bed is finally finished….I’ve wanted a RL bed just like this for ages!

Includes three places for avatars to sit/lay OR one couple, 5 couples animations (of the cute, romantic variety), 24 single animations, texture changing in subtle, natural, muted colours, custom shadows:

It’s sold as a set with the lamp, side table and wall poem, or sold individually. Pop into the store to test out the texture changing options and animations.

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{what next} *garden time* collection

Designed to co-ordinate with the Garden Deckchairs and Summer Bunting, is the new *garden time* patio table and chairs, deck with awning and set of garden lanterns:

6 Scripted garden lanterns, dim glow and light, hanging or standing

Patio chair cushions are texture changing (boho, seaside, cottage fabrics) and so is the deck awning. The awning also comes in a natural texture. The deck would look great on a lawn, up against a house wall or on the edge of a lake or ocean.

Texture changing cushions, or no cushion, 11/12 animated sits

Items are sold individually or discounted when buying as a set.

Low Prim – prim counts – chair = 5/6, table = 4, lantern each = 5, awning/deck = 8

Have a great weekend!

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Trunk love @ {what next}

New multi-purpose trunks in-store today…either for sitting or they make great occasional coffee or bedside tables.

Three styles: modern, classy or tattered: texture changing with five different textures to choose from and 8 animated sits (male and female).

used as a bedside table
used as coffee tables
8 animations, male and female
low prim, only 6 per trunk

TP to {what next} inworld

Notes: pictures 1/4 : white bed, fireplace, painting, skybox all unreleased work-progress..hopefully available early next month
picture 3: {what next} Ciel Living room set, Memory Box on wall

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