Tulip Rainboots Planter at Collabor88

New for this month’s Collabor88 – Tulip Rainboots Planter, in case you’re as over Winter as we are!

texture-change options – ALL colours included
2 land impact

It will be available at the Collabor88 sim, in Second Life, until March 6th.

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Winter Thorn

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Home For The Holidays – Arcade Gacha

Hello everyone! We’re taking part in the December round of the Arcade Gacha with our Home for the Holidays collection. It’s L$50 per play and 9 commons to collect and 1 rare.

{what next} Home for The Holidays Arcade Gacha

Prizes include a small five-room cottage, with working fireplace/chimney smoke, snow roof (or no snow option too if you want to use it all year round), outdoor string lights (in white, red-green or colours or no lights), snowman with fun animations and static poses for photos, bench with couples and singles animations, doormat & wellie boots – doormats have 2 textures each – 1 non winter version per mat, a wearable rideable bike and a decor version of the bike, mailboxes with optional message box options.

{what next} Home For The Holidays Gacha Key

I’m happy to exchange your transferable versions for copy versions (just send me a folder with your name on it!).

The whole set can be seen/demo’d at our mainstore here in Second Life:
Home for the Holidays Gacha Demo

It will only be available to play at The Arcade, through till December 31st.
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Winter Thorn

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SBS & Lazy Sunday at {what next}

If you”re looking to spruce up a bare doorway or add a little decor to your garden, we have the ideal accessories at {what next} this weekend and at special sale prices for Super Bargain Saturday and Lazy Sunday.

For Super Bargain Saturday, these cute set of doormats and wellies decor (rainboots to all non UK-ers) add a nice welcoming touch to the front door. Each mat also has a sweet couples kissing animation scripted into it, perfect for that goodnight kiss before you log off at night! There are three styles to choose from, between the bright and girly “Retro” doormat and pink wellies, the cottage-stle “Owl” doormat and the stylish “Pied a Terre” doormat, which would perhaps suit a more contemporary home.

onlinesverigecasinon.com spelen samt en mangd olika videoslots. & wellies decor for SBS_sm” src=”http://whatnextshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/what-next-doormats-wellies-decor-for-SBS_sm1.jpg” alt=”” width=”560″ height=”139″ />

For Lazy Sunday, two sets of mailboxes and all six styles/colours are included with each set and include more traditional designs in cream and black to the adorable blue and pink fun versions. Both sets add a lovely decorative touch to any home, the difference between the two sets, are one set has five custom poses complete with “wearable” mail props for those who love to take pictures and the other set acts as a simple message/dropbox where people can leave you notecards.

The Mailbox with custom poses, includes the handheld mail props, which are copy/trans for friends wanting to pose too:

In anticipation of warmer weather, they come in spring colours, as well as more muted ones also:

All new products are available at the {what next} mainstore at Hodgepodge, hope you can visit!

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New at {what next}

The Boathouse Cottage Hallway Clutter is a five piece set for ‘Lazy Sunday’, inspired by all things coastal and seaside,  as  I’m starting to think about summer holidays, after booking my flight to see Frank in 3 weeks!

It’s $L75 this weekend only and includes all the pieces shown in the picture and is available at the mainstore, as well as on the Marketplace here.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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