Bellevie Chairs & Fire Pit for Fifty Linden Friday

Hello everyone! We’ve two new things out this week for FLF – something for all year round use outside, as it’s texture-options are suitable for the garden or beach, with multi-seasonal texture options. Both items will be on special offer till Midnight on Friday (today) only.

Bellevie Garden Chairs & occasional table
– texture change- white, wood & weathered
– multi-seasonal fabric options for pillows
(plain, cozy, coastal, tropical, cottage themes)
– 3 style of chair – with/without pillow+throw
– Bento animations & non-Bento versions included
– 2 or 3LI /copy /mod
– table 1LI

* Bellevie Fire Pit (sold separately also for FLF)
– menu-driven FX & sound

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Have a happy weekend!

Winter Thorn

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Fifty Linden Friday Rocking Chairs!

We’ve two new colours of our Bramley Rocking Chairs for this week’s Fifty Linden Friday, retextured with Spring and Summer in mind. Two colours to choose from, each with 16 pillow texture options, ¬†also including is a plain/no-pillow version too.


Each has a gentle rocking movement, simply touch the chair to start and stop.

{what next} Bramley Rocking Chairs blue marketplace{what next} Bramley Rocking Chairs White marketplace

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Rocking Chair in Blue on The Marketplace

Rocking Chair in White on The Marketplace

Have a good weekend!

By Winter Thorn

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New Bicycle Rezzer & The Sand & Sea Expo

It’s been a while coming, but we’ve finally finished our bicycle rezzer – place it on your land and allow guests to rez a bike and take a ride! Four different styles of attractive rezzers are included, one of these is a detailed bike rack with bike props or you could opt for a simple sign with a lower land impact.

{what next} Boardwalk Bicycle Rezzer_small

These mesh bicycles are rezzable, not wearable like our previous bikes. Each rezzer has a choice of four sizes of bike, male and female versions too. Two decorative bike props with kickstands and colour change option are also part of the package. If you’re a member of our inworld VIP group, the rezzers are 50% off until Sunday (offer only available at our mainstore location)

Other news, we’re also taking part in the first annual Sand & Sea Expo,open until May 5th. You can experience the sand, sea and sun with 40 vendors of amazing beach, boat, and underwater merchandise and activities! Every vendor will be giving out a prize in The Beachcomber Event! Just look for the pink shells in every display ..our prize is this cute Beach Hut Clock (working, with a choice of world times)

{what next} Beach Hut Clock Vendor

You can find the bike rezzer at our mainstore near the landing point, plus the Sand & Sea Expo, as well as on the Marketplace.

Picnic Tins on the Marketplace

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Have a good weekend!

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