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Sunflowers for Fifty Linden Friday

Hi everyone! New at What Next for this week’s Fifty Linden Friday, as we had multiple requests for sunflowers:

Sunflowers Pitcher
– texture-changing
– 4 pitcher textures & 3 sunflower variations
– 2li /copy/mod

Sunflowers Bicycle Decor
– texture-changing
– 3 frame colours- white, blue/black
– 3 sunflower variations
– 7li /copy/mod
(decor only)

Both can be found by the mainstore landing point, as well as the Marketplace:

Sunflowers Pitcher on the Marketplace

Sunflowers Decor Bicycle on the Marketplace

SLurl to the

{what next} main-store

Have a good Friday and weekend!

Winter Thorn

{what next} main-store
{what next} on the Marketplace
{what next} on Flickr

Home For The Holidays – Arcade Gacha

Hello everyone! We’re taking part in the December round of the Arcade Gacha with our Home for the Holidays collection. It’s L$50 per play and 9 commons to collect and 1 rare.

{what next} Home for The Holidays Arcade Gacha

Prizes include a small five-room cottage, with working fireplace/chimney smoke, snow roof (or no snow option too if you want to use it all year round), outdoor string lights (in white, red-green or colours or no lights), snowman with fun animations and static poses for photos, bench with couples and singles animations, doormat & wellie boots – doormats have 2 textures each – 1 non winter version per mat, a wearable rideable bike and a decor version of the bike, mailboxes with optional message box options.

{what next} Home For The Holidays Gacha Key

I’m happy to exchange your transferable versions for copy versions (just send me a folder with your name on it!).

The whole set can be seen/demo’d at our mainstore here in Second Life:
Home for the Holidays Gacha Demo

It will only be available to play at The Arcade, through till December 31st.
Teleport to the Arcade
Second Shopping Sim – Gacha Galley
The Arcade December Shopping Guide

Winter Thorn

{what next} main-store
{what next} on the Marketplace
{what next} on Flickr

Jar Lanterns at {what next}

Hi everyone! Two new sets of versatile glass jar lanterns for Lazy Sunday this weekend. They’re ideal for creating a magical or romantic atmosphere outdoors or even indoors, at parties or venues too. They look especially beautiful strung between or hung from trees at dusk or nighttime.

Two sets to choose from:

* Flowery Colours includes all coloured jar lanterns (includes a white/plain one too) – with an etched flower design on the glass.

* Stars: has a pretty star etched design, one lantern is just plain stars and the others include the words “star”, “light” or “bright” on the glass.

Each set comes with:

* all the lanterns individually so you can rez one at a time.

* Optional extras – also includes a version with all the lights hanging on a rope strung between two poles

* optional extra wall bracket, so you can hang one from the bracket on a wall

* option extra hanging rope so you can add length when hanging them from trees

* scripted candle light

* prim counts – depending on the configuration you use, you can rez as many or as few as you need or your prim count allows:

each jar = 3 prims and all copyable

Available on the Marketplace (direct delivery) as well as at our main-store in-world:

Jar Lights (flowery) on the Marketplace
Jar Lights (stars) on the Marketplace

SLurl to the {what next} main-store

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