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For Second Life queries, redelivery, refund and product help: send a note-card in-world to Winter Thorn or use our contact form. Unfortunately, instant messages and note-cards in-world occasionally get lost, if you don’t receive a reply within 48 hours, please try again.


We have our main-store at Hodgepodge in Second Life and also a store on the Marketplace. Once a month we participate in the shopping event Collabor88 (opens on the 8th of each month and a new release will remain there until the 7th of the following month)


For failed deliveries (inworld and Marketplace too), there is a Redelivery Terminal, near the main-store landing point (for copyable purchases only). If your purchase is transferable or a gacha item or you’re an issue redelivering a product, please send a notecard to Winter Thorn


We’re not available for custom work or commissions at this time – this includes landscaping, modding existing products and interior design. Suggestions for new products though are always welcome though!


We do not sell our textures, animations, sculpt maps or mesh products full perm.


Items are sold with the permissions stated on the vendor-we cannot change permissions on any products. For gifting products, please see below.


For gifting, please visit us on the Marketplace or use our vendor “Buy as a gift” feature. Most of our products have built in gifting options when you touch the vendor and choose ‘Buy as a Gift’ – type in local chat the USERNAME of the recipient and pay the vendor.


Gift Cards are available for sale, near the main-store landing point. More information regarding gift cards (how to buy and how to use them) can be found here.


Refunds are given for accidental double purchases of the exact same item. We do not give refunds for copy items (except accidental double purchases), as they cannot be returned, so please ensure you’re buying the correct product before paying the vendor.


Please read all instructions note-cards thoroughly and take any reasonable trouble shooting steps before contacting us – for example: try rezzing a new copy, relogging, resetting scripts, clearing cache in the case of graphically issues, turning off an AO for scripted furniture.
If a product is faulty, or missing a part or you simply can’t figure out something, please contact Winter Thorn by notecard, so we can correct it for you or help as best we can, as we want you to be completely happy and satisfied with your purchase.


See this page for AVSitter Experience information.


More information on the group, benefits and how to join can be found here.

There is also a free to join Subscribers Group. Both join boards are at the main-store landing.


Did you join the VIP group and you weren’t added to the group even though you paid the join fee? Don’t worry! This is a Second Life bug and if you relog, you will find it corrected and you’ll be able to activate your group tag and start enjoying the group benefits and gifts!


V.I.P group members can earn What Next store credit on all purchases at the main-store in-world (except on gacha products, gift card sales & special discount event: such as Fifty Linden Friday). You’ll need to have your What Next group tag active before paying the vendor.

Credit can be used to buy products in the main-store (except for gacha products and gift cards). Left click on any vendor to get the menu, then choose “Credit” to buy the product using your credit.


You can increase your own credit balance by paying the credit terminal. For example, you have L$50 in store credit, and want to purchase an item for L$60. You can pay the credit terminal the difference of L$10, and then you have enough credit to purchase from the vendor using only credit.

You can also use the credit terminal to check your balance at anytime by touching it.

By the way, What Next gift cards are redeemed for store credit too, so if you receive one of our gift cards as a gift, once redeemed the value of it will be added to your existing account balance.


Our in-world store offers a networked menu driven teleport system (green sandwich board signs) for easier navigation and also a general signpost to various areas of the store.

If you can’t locate a product at our main-store, it may have been retired to the Marketplace at a reduced price or a part of one of our gacha sets (gacha machines are in the mainstore – click for SLurl).

Please contact Winter Thorn if you want to purchase a product no longer found for sale at the store or cannot locate a product.


Gacha terms and information can be found here


You’re a Second Life Blogger interested in receiving What Next review copies? Thank you for considering us! Our Blogger’s list is currently full, but please follow us on Facebook or Flickr where we will announce future application openings.


  • The use of any What Next product (whether by purchase or received as a gift) means you (the customer or end user) fully accepts the license agreement listed below:
  • All What Next designs and products are protected by Copyright and other Intellectual Property laws. Reproduction of any or part of our products is a violation of copyright law. (Digital Millennium Copyright Act )
  • A license to use What Next  products and designs is only applicable for the virtual world of Second Life only. All Intellectual Property Rights relating to our products/designed are retained by us. We do NOT give permission for our products (models/meshes/textures/scripts/animations)
    to be uploaded to or sold in any virtual worlds, website or The Sims 4
  • Wearable attachment props given out by our animated products are for the use of any avatar using the product only in the way it’s designed, for his/her personal use only and any visitors to their land  (for example a sofa that gives out a wearable coffee cup). These wearable attachment props are NOT to be resold or given away as standalone props.
  • Downloading What Next products ( in whole or any part or design) by any means and taking them outside Second Life is not permissable.
  • We reserve the right not to offer support to any product that has been modded in any way from the store-bought version. Since most of our products are copy, another version can easily be rezzed.
  • We cannot offer to support/redeliveries for gacha products bought from third parties. Please contact the seller you purchased from.
  • We do not transfer inventory/purchases/ VIP rewards credits to alts or family members

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