We’ve made a new set of rideable scooters for this month’s round of Collabor88’s ‘Espionage’ theme – 8 colours to choose from, either sold as single two-seater scooters, with or without luggage, or scooter and attached sidecar which seats one to three avatars. Luggage designs vary between colours, but each colour has a plain set of luggage, as well as patterned and also a scooter without any luggage. They’re also low enough prim to make cute sim decorations. Specs: Sold… Read more »


New for this week’s Fifty Linden Friday at the What Next mainstore, two new products – The Amelie Bookcase and The Amelie Tables – Set of Three. Each one will be at the special price of only L$50 until tomorrow! Each piece is texture-changing , three choices of finish (ivory, ivory+wood top, wood) and three choice of metal handle finish too. The bookcase includes a version with decor and without, if you prefer to add your own decor. Optionally, you… Read more »

{what next} Alpine Cabin Promo 1024

We’re taking part in the Wayward Winter event, which opened this week. The Alpine Cabin is a small one room cabin, warm and welcoming with a little loft area, and a working fireplace/chimney smoke. It’s sold unfurnished , snow and no snow versions are included (32LI or 23LI for snow/no snow) – the Winter Harvest chairs/side table/Vermont drinks tray shown in the picture are sold separately. It’s ideal as a quiet retreat or for those who love smaller, cosier homes…. Read more »

{what next} Storage Boxes - Metallics

Hi everyone! New for this month’s Collabor88 we’ve two sets of cute storage boxes, perfect for your study/office/dressing room or bedroom/closet decor. You can stack them or use them them to decorate shelves. They’re 1 land impact each and copy mod, if you want to make them smaller or larger. Included in the packaging is a blank label, for you to save off and add your own text, although many example labels are also included for you to use, such… Read more »