Hi everyone! We’re having an End of Summer Sale at the mainstore, before we get the sim decorated for Fall. Products will be 50% off at our mainstore location only. (excluding gift cards, gacha products, the new Provence Picnic Set)       Sale continues through to and including Monday 5th. When you hover your mouse over a vendor you’ll see the original full price, but when you click “pay” you’ll be given the 50% off price. SLurl to What… Read more »


We’ve a new mainstore release this week, something to keep Summer around just a little bit longer, the Provence Picnic Set! It’s an eight piece set with lots of country charm, many of the decor pieces are standalone prop dispensers which can be used anywhere. It seats 1-4 avatars, with automatically rezzing wearable picnic food and drink. There’s also a couples menu with adorable romantic animations, included sharing a drink together. The picnic table, benches and tray table have two… Read more »


Hi there! New for Collabor88 this month: Lucia Summer House: L$88 – 24LI – without lights/27LI with lights – optional bricked paved terrace 3LI – front folding doors – open & close on touch, with optional security plugin – copy/mod – demo available at the C88 demo area and also at the mainstore (near the landing point) It would make a lovely garden retreat, just needing a little furnishing to add some seating inside to read and perhaps a table… Read more »


If you missed Midnight Madness yesterday, there’s a last chance to buy the Lazy Summer Floaties for only L$50 per set from the Last Chance Vendors! The special offer ends at Midnight tonight SLT. There’s also a matching drinks floatie, which What next group VIPs can purchase for 50% off from the VIP red vendor. Demos and vendors are by the mainstore landing point. More info about Midnight Madness: http://www.applemaydesigns.com/p/midnight-madness.html SLurl to What Next: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hodgepodge/112/96/31 By Winter Thorn ———————————————————————- {what… Read more »