Gift Cards & Store Credit

A gift card from {what next} makes the perfect gift. Gift cards are available in denominations of L$100, L$250, L$500, L$1000, L$2500 and L$5000. Once purchased, gift cards are transferable and can be given to anyone.

The gift card stand is by the mainstore landing point.

{what next} gift cards 800


1. Touch the gift card vendor displaying the value you want.

2. A blue window will pop up on your browser, asking if you would like to purchase a gift card – click ‘YES’.

3. You will be offered the gift card, make sure you are not on ‘busy’ and accept it

4. Wear the gift card object. (right click on it in your inventory and ‘add’) to activate it

5. In local chat, you will be prompted to pay the vendor the value of the gift card you chose, which will activate the gift card object.

6. Wait until you get a message in local chat that your gift card has been activated.

7. You can then detach the gift card and give it to anyone you like.

8. An optional free gift box, with a {what next} LM and note-card instructions on how to redeem our gift cards are included in the gift box


If you’ve been given one of our gift cards, please read the instructions below on how to use it. Your gift card is worth the equivalent amount in store credits.

1. Visit the {what next} main-store.

2. Find the Gift Card Terminal, it’s very close to the main-store landing point

3. Stand next to it and wear your gift card object (right click on it in your inventory and choose ‘add’) . Touch the REDEEM GIFT CARD button.

4. A blue window will pop up and ask if you wish to redeem the card – choose the ‘REDEEM’ button

5. Store credits will be added to a balance for you or an existing balance if you have a store account already.

6. You can now remove the card and delete it.

5. To check how much credit you have left on your gift card (store credit balance}, visit the terminal at the landing point. You can check your store credit balance any time you need to.

7. If you don’t have enough credits for your desired purchase, you can top up your credits by buying gift-cards. When you buy a gift-card for yourself, those credits will automatically be applied to your balance. Gift Cards are located near the landing point/new releases at the mainstore – when you purchase a gift card, essentially you are purchasing {what next} credits and they are added to the same account as your store credits earnt on regular purchases.


1.Credits can only be redeemed for products at the in-world{what next} main-store and not on the Marketplace. Credits cannot be used to purchase any gacha items or VIP Group only 50% off new release sales

2. Gift Cards cannot be refunded for cash (Lindens)

3. Once a gift has been redeemed, the credits cannot be transferred to another avatar (including partner, family or alts)

4. Gift Cards are transferable only (not mod or copy)

5. If the recipient already has a store credit balance, the gift card value will be added to that on redeeming it.

For any questions or help needed redeeming this gift card please contact Winter Thorn by notecard

Other ways to gift products:

Buy as a Gift:

Most of our vendors have a gifting feature – simply left click and touch the vendor/ choose the ‘Buy as Gift’ button, type the recipient’s name in local chat and pay the vendor

On the Marketplace:

All Marketplace products can be sent as a gift – use the “Add to cart as a gift’ button when purchasing.

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