Previous gacha items from The Arcade and Tag Gacha events can be found for sale in machines at our main-store. gacha area.

If you’ve never played a gacha machine before:, please understand that gacha is a game of chance and you’ll receive one random transferable item when you pay a machine.

Gacha products are not sold separately outside of the machine, out of customer fairness.

Gacha products are transferable only, the idea being you can trade, sell or give away duplicate purchases if you don’t want them.

We will exchange gachas for a copy version (of the exact same model/colour etc only). The exceptions to this are scooter and golf cart rezzer HUDs, as these rez a copy versions already. Please send your product(s) to be exchanged in one folder with your avatar username name on, in-world to Winter Thorn – no need to message beforehand.

Refunds will not be given on gacha purchases. On entering our gacha area, a sign clearly states that these purchases are distributed randomly.

Gacha non-deliveries: please contact Winter Thorn (note-card or contact form).

We do not offer support or redeliveries for Items purchased from third parties/yard sales. Only items bought from our machines, whether it’s at the main-store or during an Arcade event.

Scooters and golf carts HUDs : you’ll receive a wearable HUD that can rez  a copyable vehicle (or multiple copies). Please keep the HUD after rezzing a vehicle, as you’ll need it again to rez a vehicle if you move land or want more than one copy rezzed. If you open the HUD instead of wearing it  you’ll break it – in the case of broken HUDs, please return ALL pieces to me with a note-card, asking for a replacement.

Vehicles taken out of the HUD or rezzed copies picked up and taken into your inventory will vanish when you attempt to rez them! This is normal behaviour as they’re not intended to be traded or re-rezzed, the only way to rez a new copy is to wear the HUD.

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