Northern Lights Hot Air Balloon for SUYS

It’s a sad goodbye to Spruce Up Your Space and this month’s theme is a wintry Whiter Shade of Pale. What better way to enjoy your wintry white landscapes than floating around the sky in a hot air balloon! We have a special Wintry version of our hot air balloon, flyable so you can take a relaxing flight with friends or a loved one and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate too.

It has newly added couples animations, hot chocolate and a static non flying version for photography and will be at the special Spruce Up Your Space price of L$150 until Sunday night.

You can demo the animations at the copy rezzed near the main-store landing point.

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Row Boat Rezzers for Spruce Up Your Space

Hi everyone! New at {what next} this weekend for Spruce Up Your Space, a choice of two row boat rezzers, perfect for hangout, commercial sims or just adding a lovely feature to your dock or beach.

On touch the rezzer sign will rez a row boat nearby. Each boat seats up to two avatars, one avatars rows while the passenger can sit back and take in the beautiful scenery, fish or read a book – props for the passenger are included.

The packaging also includes a working row boat for the owner’s use and a decorative-only row boat with oars to place near a dock, which also has several animations.

There’s a choice of two colours, Solent Mist blue which is coastal inspired and Lakeview in forest green and wood. Each set is only 150L for SUYS, offer lasts this weekend only!

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Spruce Up Your Space at {what next}!

SUYS ‘s theme this month is “April Showers” and with that in mind, we created two sets of umbrella stands, perfect little space filler in any hall or entrance way or mudroom and also coordinates nicely with our Marais Gossip Benches currently at Collabor88.

Tw sets to choose from, cream or a black wrought-iron-style, each has 18 texture-change options on the umbrella and also includes a single umbrella prop to lean up against a wall or on a shelf for example. All sets are 100% mesh.

Available at the special SUYS price for this weekend only, in the main-store and also on the Marketplace:

{what next} Marais Umbrella Stand in Cream on the Marketplace

{what next} Marais Umbrella Stand in iron on the Marketplace

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Calm & Colourful at {what next}

Hi everyone! We’ve had a number of requests for a non-winter version of the Nieve bed and since this month’s theme for SUYS is Designer’s Choice, we’ve created three variations: Mariner’ – an English coastal inspired theme, Vera – girly, bright and fun, and Caravan, serene, calming and pretty. Each bed comes with a breakfast tray, for dispensing various props and a matching wall print.

For Lazy Sunday, we have three Nightstand Sets, to co-ordinate with the beds. Each set has a nightstand, three lamps, notebook and reading glasses decor.

The Caravan Bed Set seen here in with the Nieve Armoire, Morning Tea Rug, Room Envy Sofa and guitar:

The bed sets can be seen at our mainstore, by the landing point. Have a great weekend and be sure to check out all the SUYS and Lazy Sunday participating stores!

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Spruce Up Your Space & Lazy Sunday at {what next}

The Spruce Up Space theme this month is “Winterwonderland” and we’ve several pieces of a new bedroom set, aptly named “Nieve”, meaning snow in Spanish. The Nieve Bedroom is inspired by snow-covered mountains and woods, with a seasonal snowflake theme design in the fabric and artwork.

For Spruce Up Your Space – L$150 this weekend only: the double bed (with couples/singles/friends animations), a breakfast tray (which dispenses attachable props to use with the animations), a folded throw and pillow to decorate the bed and a drapes set. The drapes are texture-changing between pale blue and beige, but also include several variations: with shutters or the snowy window, with falling snow FX.


The side tables, lamp with a knitted wool lampshade, a winter white rose in a jar, two photo frames and Nieve wall art is all included for Lazy Sunday, also this weekend only:

The Nieve chair and rug are sold separately. All items are available at the mainstore, near the landing point.

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Have a good weekend!


Pineknot Cabin & Decor at {what next}

It’s Spruce Up Your Space and Lazy Sunday at {what next}!

The little unfurnished one-roomed Pineknot Cabin comes with a built in fireplace, which has a gorgeous fire and a hanging outside lantern. Ideal for someone looking for a small place to call “home”, but would equally make an cosy romantic retreat or playhouse. With it’s warm wood decor and Autumnal design windows, it fits in with this months “Fall Festival” theme for Spruce Up Your Space” and a six piece decor pack is available for Lazy Sunday. Both at special sale prices of L$150 and L$75 this weekend only!

Look out later in the week for a Pineknot furniture pack to further decorate the cabin.

The cabin and decor can be seen at the mainstore landing point, but as usual is listed on The Marketplace too.

Have a great weekend!

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New at {what next}

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to show you what’s new for Spruce Up Your Space, with a “Back to School” theme: The Oldskool Chalkboard, with pile of books stool, shelf and decor, is fully interactive and includes chalkboard animations, various sits and props!

It will be L$150 for SUYS this weekend only:

New for Lazy Sunday, two sets of Fall leaf garlands, only 1 prim and copy/mod, ideal for decorating walls, windows, doorways, inside or outside:

Both available at our mainstore as well as on The Marketplace here.

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Morning Tea Bedroom at {what next}

It”s Spruce Up Your Space time again for us this weekend and the theme is “TeaTime”. Being English and loving tea, pretty much anywhere is a good place to enjoy a “cuppa”, so we”ve created the Morning Tea Bed with a little tea tray!

The Morning Tea Bed and Tray are for Spruce Up Your Space ($L150 this weekend only), the hatbox table, rose, shelf, online casinos art print and candle are all for “Lazy Sunday” (L$75 this weekend only) and the decorative drapes set (with and without the shutters/window) and rug are sold separately:

Visit our mainstore to demo the bed”s animations. The teatray dispenses a whole range of attachable props for you and guests, included tea, juice, croissant, newspapers, book and a laptop to rez, included all the animations to go with these props. Singles and couples animations also included.

Have a safe and happy weekend wherever you are and check out all the participating Lazy Sunday/SUYS stores too!

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SUYS & Lazy Sunday at {what next}

It’s Spruce Up Your Space and Lazy Sunday at {what next} this weekend, both with a coastal theme! Each set L$150 this weekend only:

For SUYS, two window seats with couples and singles animations, texture options..they were originally designed to fit inside the Marin Summer House, but as they come linked and in separate pieces, they could work for most windows or coastal themed homes.

You can see all the other stores items in the SUYS Flickr group pool.

For Lazy Sunday, we’ve created a coastal version of our woodburning stove, perfect for the beach house! It has some lovely fire and log VFX and audio, as well as handwarming animations:

Available on the Marketplace here as well as at the {what next} mainstore:

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Have a great weekend!

Marin Summer House & Porch Decor

It’s Spruce Up Your Space time again for us this week with the theme ‘Inside Out’ and we’ve made a little summer house (or cabin as Franklee calls it!), which makes an ideal extra “room” for the garden. At night the two faux windows can be touch on or off to give a nice lit window night time effect.

It comes unfurnished and all the furnishings and accessories seen here are sold separately inworld.

With a coastal/nautical theme, it goes perfectly with our ‘Lazy Sunday” set this week, which is a 3 piece porch decor set – doormat, window box with flowers and porch light and sign:


The summer house and porch decor can be found on the Marketplace here and here, as well as at the {what next} mainstore:

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