It’s a sad goodbye to Spruce Up Your Space and this month’s theme is a wintry Whiter Shade of Pale. What better way to enjoy your wintry white landscapes than floating around the sky in a hot air balloon! We have a special Wintry version of our hot air balloon, flyable so you can take a relaxing flight with friends or a loved one and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate too. It has newly added couples animations, hot chocolate… Read more »

Hi everyone! New at {what next} this weekend for Spruce Up Your Space, a choice of two row boat rezzers, perfect for hangout, commercial sims or just adding a lovely feature to your dock or beach. On touch the rezzer sign will rez a row boat nearby. Each boat seats up to two avatars, one avatars rows while the passenger can sit back and take in the beautiful scenery, fish or read a book – props for the passenger are… Read more »

SUYS ‘s theme this month is “April Showers” and with that in mind, we created two sets of umbrella stands, perfect little space filler in any hall or entrance way or mudroom and also coordinates nicely with our Marais Gossip Benches currently at Collabor88. Tw sets to choose from, cream or a black wrought-iron-style, each has 18 texture-change options on the umbrella and also includes a single umbrella prop to lean up against a wall or on a shelf for… Read more »

Hi everyone! We’ve had a number of requests for a non-winter version of the Nieve bed and since this month’s theme for SUYS is Designer’s Choice, we’ve created three variations: Mariner’ – an English coastal inspired theme, Vera – girly, bright and fun, and Caravan, serene, calming and pretty. Each bed comes with a breakfast tray, for dispensing various props and a matching wall print. For Lazy Sunday, we have three Nightstand Sets, to co-ordinate with the beds. Each set… Read more »