Hi everyone! We’re having an End of Summer Sale at the mainstore, before we get the sim decorated for Fall. Products will be 50% off at our mainstore location only. (excluding gift cards, gacha products, the new Provence Picnic Set)       Sale continues through to and including Monday 5th. When you hover your mouse over a vendor you’ll see the original full price, but when you click “pay” you’ll be given the 50% off price. SLurl to What… Read more »


If you missed Midnight Madness yesterday, there’s a last chance to buy the Lazy Summer Floaties for only L$50 per set from the Last Chance Vendors! The special offer ends at Midnight tonight SLT. There’s also a matching drinks floatie, which What next group VIPs can purchase for 50% off from the VIP red vendor. Demos and vendors are by the mainstore landing point. More info about Midnight Madness: http://www.applemaydesigns.com/p/midnight-madness.html SLurl to What Next: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hodgepodge/112/96/31 By Winter Thorn ———————————————————————- {what… Read more »


Hello again! We’re taking part in the Marketplace Summer Sale, where a few stores will have selected items on sale throughout the Memorial weekend (27th – 30th May). We’ve 50% off 25 various items, many Summer products.     This is a complete list of all our 50% off products, with links to their Marketplace listings: Lisbeth Garden Blanket Decor – Full set Boardwalk Bicycle Rezzer Isabelle Vanity Table, Stool & Decor Adventure Playground Swingset (Pine) Adventure Playground Swingset (Rustic)… Read more »

{what next} Marlow Chairs & Decor 1024

Midnight Madness is coming tonight, which is a fun monthly event bringing up to 20 designers together to give customers a unique chance to pick up a FREE limited gift from boards placed at their main-stores! It starts at Midnight and we’ll be giving away The Marlow Chairs and Decor Set, the second wave starts at noon on Saturday, when we’ll be giving away the ‘Coastal’ Marlow Chairs & Decor. Both sets are limited in quantity. There’s also a chance… Read more »