New for this week’s Fifty Linden Friday, two sets of hanging tree lanterns to decorate your favourite tree. Each lantern gives off a pretty candle lit glow and is one land impact each. There are two different heart designs per set, perfect for a more subtle Valentine’s Day decoration. The lanterns can be found near the landing point at our mainstore, as well as on The Marketplace. Tivona Lanterns (Antique) on The Marketplace Tivona Lanterns (Burnished) on The Marketplace SLurl… Read more »

We’re feeling all festive at {what next}, with our two new releases at the store today! Our Sled Rezzer rezzes a choice of three rideable sleds, for one, two or three people and is a lot of fun, especially if you place on top of a slope like we did! It comes with a choice of two rezzer signs (1 or 4 land impact), which allows you and visitors to ride a sled. The sleds can be demo’d near our… Read more »

Hi everyone!For this week’s Fifty Linden Friday at {what next}, we have two sets of versatile, home essentials – the Maison Table Lamps and Maison Drapes. Each set has eleven fabric colour options, which would suit changing seasons as well different rooms. The Maison Table Lamp, as well as eleven shade options, has between 4-6 base options, with a white, brass or dark wood trim: The Maison Drapes, are open, decorative curtains with a short and long version included. They’re… Read more »

It’s Fifty Linden Friday at the {what next} mainstore ! We have two sets of hanging string lanterns – two texture options per set and each with posts or just hanging on the rope. Each set is copy/mod and 3 or 4 LI, ┬ádepending on which version you use. They’re the ideal decoration for ┬áSummer garden parties or entertaining outdoors. Both sets are by the landing point in Second Life, as well as on The Marketplace store. {what next} Hanging… Read more »