Hi everyone, new for this month’s Collabor88: Madeleine Decor: Full Set: L$188 – includes mannequin, hatboxes and 2 wall prints. Mannequins and hatboxes have multiple texture options. The hatboxes come in a stack of three and also a single one. The various pieces are also sold separately: Hatboxes: 1 land impact each for the stack of three and also the single. Texture-changing/copy/mod (script no mod) Two wall prints: L$88 Mannequin: 2LI, texture-changing All sets¬†will available at the Collabor88 sim, in… Read more »


Hi everyone! Two new sets for this week’s Fifty Linden Friday at What Next: First set: Colonna Coffee Machines (6 colours/copy/2LI) : gives out cups of coffee on touch Second set for Fifty Linden Friday: Colonna Coffee Station with decor. This includes: chalkboard (with texture options on the sign): 2Li sideboard with and without the shelf decor 2 or 3Li coffee/tea/sugar cannisters: 1Li all copy/mod (except scripts) Both sets can be found at the mainstore landing point in Second Life:… Read more »


Hi everyone! We’ve something for the new season out at Collabor88: Country Kitchen Decor: cookbook stand and two fruit pies: 1 land impact each/copy/mod – L$88 for all three. Fall Harvest Wheelbarrow: 4 land impact/copy/mod – L$88 Both¬†will available at the Collabor88 sim, in Second Life, until October 6th. Teleport to Collabor88 Official Collabor88 Cam Shopping Sim Collabor88 September Catalogue online By Winter Thorn ———————————————————————- {what next} main-store {what next} on the Marketplace {what next} on Flickr [ safe for… Read more »

What Next Ladder Frames for Fifty Linden Friday Set 1 800

For this week’s Fifty Linden Friday at our mainstore – two sets of decor, each with 3 sets of hanging picture frames with ready made artwork and a blank set for your own images if you prefer! They can be found near the mainstore landing point, as well as The Marketplace: Set 1 on The Marketplace Set 2 on The Marketplace SLurl to {what next} in Second Life Have a great Friday! By Winter Thorn ———————————————————————- {what next} main-store {what… Read more »