There are two weeks left of the March round of The Arcade Gacha, if you haven’t visited yet there are lots of things for Spring decorating, including our own Spring Garden themed prizes. There are 8 commons and 1 rare to play for and each play is L$50. The lawnmowers and watering can give out animated/wearable props for anyone on touch. Some of the items are texture-changing, such as the arbor, the watering can, birdhouse and mailbox. The arbor has… Read more »


Hello everyone! We’re taking part in the December round of the Arcade Gacha with our Home for the Holidays collection. It’s L$50 per play and 9 commons to collect and 1 rare. Prizes include a small five-room cottage, with working fireplace/chimney smoke, snow roof (or no snow option too if you want to use it all year round), outdoor string lights (in white, red-green or colours or no lights), snowman with fun animations and static poses for photos, bench with… Read more »

{what next} Wearable Airplane Gacha Poster800

We’re taking part in the September round of The Arcade Gacha! Our gacha prizes are fun wearable/flyable airplanes. As they’re wearable, you simply attach and fly them anywhere.   There are nine to play for, seven commons in various designs and two rares. The rare versions have two texture-change options. Each is scripted with custom animations, sound FX and a particle trail and is resizable too. The wheels and propeller also move.   For L$50 a play, you’ll randomly receive… Read more »


Hello everyone, we’re taking part in the TAG! Gacha event, with a Side Show Theme, which is a fun HUD driven gacha event involving jumping from mainstore to mainstore to tag machines. Our gacha collection is based on Vintage carnival treats and sweets, it’s  L$25 per play, and has 14 common items and 1 mystery rare! Each item is between 1 – 3 land impact and the food/drink items are all interactive, giving out little wearable props where necessary. It would… Read more »