By request, we’ve several new mainstore releases, a by-products of our new store design. If you’re one of our VIP group members, you can purchase these for 50% off until Saturday evening. The Rainbow Fence Building Set: ideal for brightening up the garden, or building around a playground. The Brixton Baker’s Rack & Console Table: functional and stylish storage, sold as a set or alone: The What Next Counter: All new products can be found by the landing point, as… Read more »

We’re feeling all festive at {what next}, with our two new releases at the store today! Our Sled Rezzer rezzes a choice of three rideable sleds, for one, two or three people and is a lot of fun, especially if you place on top of a slope like we did! It comes with a choice of two rezzer signs (1 or 4 land impact), which allows you and visitors to ride a sled. The sleds can be demo’d near our… Read more »

Happy Friday! It’s Fifty Linden Friday this week at {what next} and if you’re looking for something to put on an empty shelf or desk, check out our new book sets. There’s two sets to choose from , ‘Everyday’ and ‘Decorated’, each set has two rows of books included: Only one land impact per row, mesh and copyable, each set will be only L$50 until midnight SLT Friday. Other decor (typewriter, wall prints, desk etc) in the pictures can be… Read more »

It’s ‘Lazy Sunday”s third birthday this weekend! It’s one that’s special to us, as we’ve been taking part in ‘Lazy Sunday’ since the first one ever. There are a ton of stores participating this weekend, so hope you can check them all out. We have an addon set to our Garden Cafe Caravan, though it also works completely as a standalone set for the garden and especially great for entertaining and parties. The lemonade dispensers give out drinks and everything… Read more »