There’s under 2 weeks left now of The Arcade Gacha Event if you haven’t visited yet. Gacha items make the best Christmas gifts too, as they’re transferable, so make sure to visit if you’re looking for last minute gifts! Our gacha prizes this round are 12 various Hot Chocolate Machines, which not only look cute but give out wearable mugs of hot chocolate to anyone on touch. The three rarer machines give out different flavoured hot chocolate in addition to… Read more »

We have a new set out today at the {what next} mainstore! ┬áThe Winter Harvest Chairs, Table and Firepit Set is designed with a Fall to Winter theme in mind, for huddling around the warm, flickering light outdoors in large cosy chairs! If you already own our Winter Harvest Picnic, you’ll find this set co-ordinates perfectly with it and has many of the picnic self-rezzing props as well as matching wood texture options. Includes 3 chairs: plain, with 2 pillows,… Read more »

We’re feeling all festive at {what next}, with our two new releases at the store today! Our Sled Rezzer rezzes a choice of three rideable sleds, for one, two or three people and is a lot of fun, especially if you place on top of a slope like we did! It comes with a choice of two rezzer signs (1 or 4 land impact), which allows you and visitors to ride a sled. The sleds can be demo’d near our… Read more »

A new winter version of our Pembury Bench is out now at the mainstore. It’s covered with a little bit of snow and a dusting of frost! Designed for two avatars, it’s scripted with singles and couples animations, has a choice of 5 wood textures. With self rezzing props, such as a newspaper and drinks, you and your guests can admire your Winter outdoors decorating while drinking warming cups of hot chocolate! The bench animations and texture options can be… Read more »