Bikes for Christmas!

Do you remember when getting a bike for Christmas was nothing short of magical? Well, after a heap of requests we’ve released four transferable and gift-boxed bicycles – a limited edition version of our wearable/rideable bicycles, which will  be available this holiday week ONLY. Each is gift-boxed in one our new mesh Christmas Trees Giftboxes and at a special offer price too of L$150, making them very affordable presents.

Four to choose from – one for the guys and three for the ladies, including a plain bike, a basket full of shopping and flowers and one themed for bloggers at work!)

Since the bikes are an attachment, they can be ridden all over Second Life! More colours, styles and variations are available alternatively in the copyable version sets, which if you prefer can be gifted, by touching the menu and choosing ‘Buy as Gift’ and following the instructions in local chat.

We’ve also put up for sale the little bike rack decor (copy) we’ve been using to display our bikes.

The Camden Bicycles can be found by the new releases at the mainstore landing point

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{what next} on the Marketplace
{what next} on Flickr

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