Newer products may be using the AVSitter Experience. AVSitter is the scripting system we use for our animations. We prefer to use the AV Sitter Experience in our scripted props and furniture, as it offers a seamless interactive use of props, without inventory clutter or extra pop-up windows.

If you receive a message “Could not auto-attach, because the experience ‘AVsitter’ by Code Violet is not enabled on the land.”, it’s letting you know that the prop could not attach automatically because the correct ‘experience’ is not enabled on the land. If the experience is enabled then the prop will attach without any need for a permission prompt.

To enable the ‘experience’, follow the LL Experiences guide where it explains about ‘Enabling an experience’.  The reason AVsitter uses this experience is because it can make the attachments completely automatic, without need for a prompt, which is preferable to inventory clutter and creates a seamless experience when using SL furniture!

Your props will still work if you don’t have this experience enabled on your land and you’ll be prompted to give permission each time a prop is selected.

We will be working towards updating all our mesh products to use the AVSitter Experience as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our blog or inworld groups for update notifications.

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