Hi there! New for Collabor88 this month: Lucia Summer House: L$88 – 24LI – without lights/27LI with lights – optional bricked paved terrace 3LI – front folding doors – open & close on touch, with optional security plugin – copy/mod – demo available at the C88 demo area and also at the mainstore (near the landing point) It would make a lovely garden retreat, just needing a little furnishing to add some seating inside to read and perhaps a table… Read more »


If you missed Midnight Madness yesterday, there’s a last chance to buy the Lazy Summer Floaties for only L$50 per set from the Last Chance Vendors! The special offer ends at Midnight tonight SLT. There’s also a matching drinks floatie, which What next group VIPs can purchase for 50% off from the VIP red vendor. Demos and vendors are by the mainstore landing point. More info about Midnight Madness: http://www.applemaydesigns.com/p/midnight-madness.html SLurl to What Next: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Hodgepodge/112/96/31 By Winter Thorn ———————————————————————- {what… Read more »


Hi everyone! We’re taking part in Midnight Madness starting at Midnight tonight SLT. We’ll be giving away two free gift sets of the Lazy Summer Inner tube Floaties (Set 1 at Midnight & Set 2 at Midday Saturday) You’ll find two MM boards by the mainstore landing point , as well as two Last Chance vendors which will go live Sunday August 7th at 12pm SLT for 12 hours only for a chance to buy each sets for only L$50…. Read more »


Hi everyone, we’ve two new sets for this week’s Fifty Linden Friday: The Terrace Table & Chairs, a little bistro style outdoors set for two, where you can have coffee and read the newspaper! With singles animations and self-rezzing props, which include coffee, wine, reading book and newspaper. It includes three colors: petrol, sand and green. The Terrace Table Decor: coffee cups and vases is also for Fifty Linden Friday and includes 3 colour vases plus the cups. Both vendors… Read more »