Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions. If you don’t see your question answered, please send a note-card to Winter Thorn in-world, or use our contact form.

  • For all customer services queries: please send a notecard to Winter Thorn inworld. For failed deliveries (inworld and Marketplace too), there is a Redelivery Terminal, near the main-store landing point (for copyable purchases only).
    We’re sorry, but we’re not available for custom work or commissions at this time – this includes landscaping, modding products and interior design. Suggestions for new products though are always welcome though! Please send a note-card to Winter Thorn with suggestions for future products.
    We do not sell our textures, animations, sculpt maps or mesh products full perm.
    Items are sold with the permissions stated on the vendor-we cannot change permissions on any products.
    For gifting, please visit us on the Marketplace or use our vendor “Buy as a gift” feature. Most of our products have built in gifting options when you touch the vendor and choose ‘Buy as a Gift’ – type in local chat the USERNAME of the recepient and pay the vendor.
    Gift Cards are available for sale, near the mainstore landing point. More information regarding gift cards (how to buy and how to use them) can be found here.
    We do not offer refunds or returns on any copyable product, please make sure you are satisfied with a product before purchase, except in the case of accidental double purchase.
    We’re always happy to help with product issues, but please read all instructions note-cards thoroughly before contacting us and take all reasonable trouble shooting steps (rezzing a new copy, relogging, resetting scripts, clearing cache etc), as most issues are usually answered there. If the problem still persists, please send Winter Thorn a notecard.
    {what next} has a V.I.P Update Group which uses a group slot, with many benefits including a Customers Credits Rewards System and a free to join Subscribers Group. More information on the group, benefits and how to join can be found here.
  • Our in-world store offers a networked/menu driven teleport system (green sandwich board signs) for easier navigation. If you can’t find a product at our mainstore, it may have been retired to the Marketplace at a reduced price.
  • Previous {what next} gacha items can be found at our mainstore.

    * Before you play:, please understand that gacha is a game of chance and you’ll receive one random transferable item when you pay a machine.

    * Gacha products are not sold separately, out of customer fairness.

    * Non-deliveries: please contact me (optionally send a snapshot of local chat showing which item you won if possible)

    * We do not offer support or redeliveries for Items purchased from third parties/yard sales, only items bought from our machines.

    * Scooters and golf carts : you’ll receive a wearable HUD that rezzes a vehicle. If you open the HUD you’ll break it – in the case of broken HUDs, please return ALL pieces to me with a notecard, asking for a replacement.


  • The use of any {what next} product (whether by purchase or received as a gift) means you (the customer or end user) fully accepts the license agreement listed below:
  • All {what next} designs and products are protected by Copyright and other Intellectual Property laws. Reproduction or retransmission of any or part of our products is a violation of copyright law. (Digital Millennium Copyright Act )
  • A license to use {what next} products and designs is only applicable for the virtual world of Second Life only. All Intellectual Property Rights relating to our products/designed are retained by us.
  • Downloading {what next} products ( in whole or any part or design) by any means and taking them outside Second Life is not permissable.
  • We reserve the right not to offer support to any product that has been modded in any way from the store-bought version. Since most of our products are copy, another version can easily be rezzed.
  • We cannot offer to support/redeliveries for gacha products bought from third parties.
  • We do not transfer inventory/purchases to alts.