What Next is owned by Winter Thorn and FrankLee Anatra.

For all questions regarding the store, products and/or customer service requests please send a note-card to Winter Thorn only in-world or alternatively use our contact form. Unfortunately, instant messages and note-cards in-world occasionally get lost, so if you don’t receive a reply within 48 hours, please try again. We also welcome feedback and suggestions on all aspects of shopping at What Next.


We have our main-store at Hodgepodge in Second Life and also a store on the Marketplace. Once a month we participate in the shopping event Collabor88 (opens on the 8th of each month and a new release will remain there until the 7th of the following month)


For failed deliveries (inworld and Marketplace too), there is a Redelivery Terminal, near the main-store landing point (for copyable purchases only). If your purchase is transferable or a gacha item, please contact me.


We’re not available for custom work or commissions at this time – this includes landscaping, modding existing products and interior design. Suggestions for new products though are always welcome though!

    We do not sell our textures, animations, sculpt maps or mesh products full perm.


    Items are sold with the permissions stated on the vendor-we cannot change permissions on any products. For gifting products, please see below.


    For gifting, please visit us on the Marketplace or use our vendor “Buy as a gift” feature. Most of our products have built in gifting options when you touch the vendor and choose ‘Buy as a Gift’ – type in local chat the USERNAME of the recipient and pay the vendor.


    Gift Cards are available for sale, near the main-store landing point. More information regarding gift cards (how to buy and how to use them) can be found here.


    Refunds are given for accidental double purchases. We cannot give refunds for copyable items, so please make sure you have demo’d the product in our main-store before purchase.


    Please read all instructions note-cards thoroughly and take any reasonable trouble shooting steps before contacting us – for example: try rezzing a new copy, relogging, resetting scripts, clearing cache in the case of graphically issues, turning off an AO for scripted furniture.

If a product is faulty, or missing a part or you simply can’t figure out something, please contact us so we can correct it for you or help as best we can, as we want you to be completely happy and satisfied with your purchase.



Newer What Next products may be using the AVSitter Experience. AVSitter is the scripting system we use for our animations. If you receive a message “Could not auto-attach, because the experience ‘AVsitter’ by Code Violet is not enabled on the land.”, it’s letting you know that the prop could not attach automatically because the correct ‘experience’ is not enabled on the land. If the experience is enabled then the prop will attach without any need for a permission prompt. These ‘Experiences’ are a new thing in SL.

To enable the ‘experience’, follow the LL Experiences guide where it explains about ‘Enabling an experience’.  The reason AVsitter uses this experience is because it can make the attachments completely automatic, without need for a prompt, which is preferable to inventory clutter and creates a seamless experience when using SL furniture!

Your props will still work if you don’t have this experience enabled on your land and you’ll be prompted to give permission each time a prop is selected.

We will be working towards updating all our mesh products to use the AVSitter Experience as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our blog or inworld groups for update notifications.


    What Next has a V.I.P Update Group which uses a group slot, with many great benefits including a Customers Credits Rewards System, complimentary group gifts, some exclusive, and special sales for our VIPs! It has a small join fee of L$250. There is also a VIP room, where all new and previous group gifts can be found. More information on the group, benefits and how to join can be found here.  There is also a free to join Subscribers Group. Both join boards are at the main-store landing.



Did you join the VIP group and you weren’t added to the group even though you paid the join fee? Don’t worry! This is a Second Life bug and if you relog, you will find it corrected and you’ll be able to activate your group tag and start enjoying the group benefits and gifts!



Our in-world store offers a networked/menu driven teleport system (green sandwich board signs) for easier navigation and also a general signpost to various areas of the store. If you can’t locate a product at our main-store, it may have been retired to the Marketplace at a reduced price or a part of one of our gacha sets (gacha machines are in the mainstore – click for SLurl).

Please contact Winter Thorn if you want to purchase a product no longer found for sale at the store or cannot locate a product.



Previous gacha items from The Arcade/Tag Gacha events can be found for sale in machines at our main-store.

If you’ve never played a gacha machine before:, please understand that gacha is a game of chance and you’ll receive one random transferable item when you pay a machine. These purchases are transferable, the idea being you can trade, sell or give away duplicate purchases if you don’t want them. What if you prefer copy items? We will exchange items for the same copy version – with two exceptions, please read below.


  •  Gacha products are not sold separately outside of the machine, out of customer fairness.


  • We will exchange gachas for a copy version (of the exact same model/colour etc only). The exceptions to this are scooter and golf cart rezzer HUDs, as these rez a copy versions already. Please send your product(s) to be exchanged in one folder with your name on, inworld to Winter Thorn – no need to message beforehand.


  • Refunds will not be given on gacha purchases. On entering our gacha area, a sign clearly states that these purchases are distributed randomly.


  • Non-deliveries: please contact Winter Thorn (note-card or contact form).


  •  We do not offer support or redeliveries for Items purchased from third parties/yard sales, only items bought from our machines, whether it’s at the main-store or during an Arcade event.


  • Scooters and golf carts HUDs : you’ll receive a wearable HUD that can rez  a copyable vehicle (or multiple copies). Please keep the HUD after rezzing a vehicle, as you’ll need it again to rez a vehicle if you move land or want more than one copy rezzed. If you open the HUD instead of wearing it  you’ll break it – in the case of broken HUDs, please return ALL pieces to me with a note-card, asking for a replacement.

Vehicles taken out of the HUD or rezzed copies picked up and taken into your inventory will vanish when you attempt to rez them! This is normal behaviour as they’re not intended to be traded or re-rezzed, the only way to rez a new copy is to wear the HUD.



You’re a Second Life Blogger interested in receiving What Next review copies? Thank you for considering us! Our Blogger’s list is currently full, but please follow us on Facebook or Flickr where we will announce future application openings.



You can find us online, not just in Second Life! Please check out our Facebook Page and follow us there, if you use Facebook it’s a great way to find out about new products, updates or events that we’re participating in. Likewise with Twitter and other platforms, see the links on the right-hand side of this page.

If you enjoy taking pictures in Second Life, please add pictures to our Flickr group pool, as we love to see how you decorate and have fun with What Next products.

If you don’t see your question answered or have suggestions for future products or store improvements, please feel to contact us. 

Thank you for reading!

Winter & FrankLee



  • The use of any What Next product (whether by purchase or received as a gift) means you (the customer or end user) fully accepts the license agreement listed below:
  • All What Next designs and products are protected by Copyright and other Intellectual Property laws. Reproduction of any or part of our products is a violation of copyright law. (Digital Millennium Copyright Act )
  • A license to use What Next  products and designs is only applicable for the virtual world of Second Life only. All Intellectual Property Rights relating to our products/designed are retained by us.
  • Downloading What Next products ( in whole or any part or design) by any means and taking them outside Second Life is not permissable.
  • We reserve the right not to offer support to any product that has been modded in any way from the store-bought version. Since most of our products are copy, another version can easily be rezzed.
  • We cannot offer to support/redeliveries for gacha products bought from third parties. Please contact the seller you purchased from.
  • We do not transfer inventory/purchases/ VIP rewards credits to alts or family members